Central Otago Resilience Trust

Support for People in your community in need.

Now you can support Central Otago individuals and families struggling as result of unforeseen medical misfortunes.

What is the idea?

Hardship has a way of hiding behind closed doors. Even in Central Otago the harsh reality is our communities include individuals and families struggling as result of medical misfortunes.

Most display a remarkable degree of resilience, so much so their neighbours and even workmates have no idea how tough they’re doing it. Publicly funded health care, ACC payments and other welfare assistance do much to help, but it is unforeseen costs resulting from those medical misfortunes that can leave people wondering how they will fund bare necessities let alone those unforeseen medical costs.

The Central Otago Resilience Trust has been established to do just that. Quickly and efficiently verify the need and then provide assistance to those suffering financial hardship as a result of a medical condition, illness or disease in the Central Otago region.

Who are we?

The founding Trustees, Glen Christiansen, Derek Craig, John Cooper, and Becky Ensor are all community focused, selfless people always keen to pay it forward; a strong motivator for forming the Trust. Formed by Central Otago locals, the Central Otago Resilience Trust seeks funding from Central Otago locals and businesses for the benefit of Central Otago locals.

Glen Christiansen

Becky Ensor

Derek Craig

John Cooper

Emma O'Reilly

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